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"For many years I was not able to smile with confidence and pride because of how my front teeth looked. I was teased a lot by peers and classmates while growing up, which for a child can make one feel ostracized. With a great dental insurance plan I was able to utilize DeLaney Family Dental services and have not regretted it. The staff was both professional and cordial while being informative of the whole process. Dr. DeLaney's wisdom and diligent efforts in the dental field assured me of a beautiful and confident smile to carry on in life as though each smile was brand new. Thank you very much DeLaney Dental Care for helping me to build on my self-esteem in that aspect of my life."
Tony "TA" Austin
Killeen, Texas
(pictured Above)

"I come to DeLaney Family Dental because of the quality of service that my family and I have receved. The staff is always very friendly and continues to assist me with all of my insurance needs. We are very pleased with everyone at DeLaney Family Dental." (no photo available)
Lanelle Walker
Killeen, Texas

Dental Hygiene Blessing
"Several years ago, I was in desparate need for a professional Dentist. My situation was getting wost with each passing moment. Then one day while reading the morning paper, I came upon this add about DeLaney Family Dental. It immediatly caught my attention because it reflected a personal touch (DeLaney's Care).
During my first visit and examination, I knew then that this was the blessing I had been serching for and since that time my Dental Hygiene has improved 100%. Dr. DeLaney and her highly professional staff have treated me on numerous occasions for several different oral problems, from filling repacements, cleanings, tooth-aches to receding gums; and I must say that as a result of their dedication, personal and professional care and concern, I still possess all my original teeth.
therefore I would gladly recomend Dr. DeLaney and her team to any serious minded person who is seeking a personal or family dental team that truly does care. They are my blessing and I am certian they can be yours as well."
Anthony Powell
Killeen, Texas
(Pictured above)

I came to Delaney Family Dental to complete a required dental examination for my Reservist obligation and came out with so much more. The staff were friendly, professional, helpful, and willing to work with me as I was under a time constraint and could not wait for the normal scheduling process.
I would definitely recomend these helpful ladies to anyone who would want a beautiful smile as I now have from the ZOOM treatment. Really thank you so much for going the extra mile
Lynda Rice
Copperas Cove